Rabbi Eran Bar-Adon

Additionally, Rabbi Bar-Adon is a licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist (LMFT) and Coach; working with Children, Young Adults, Couples and Families. He holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and graduated Cum Laude  from the  University of Southern California (USC) with a BA  in Communications. 

Jewish Universalism

Mitzvah Matters is a West Los Angeles Jewish Universalist Synagogue Under the leadership of Rabbi Eran Bar-Adon.

Jewish Universalism (JU) www.UJUC.org   is a new Jewish Movement - one that embraces the diversity of the Jewish world without judgement , conditions or requirements and asserts that all paths to the divine are equally Holly.

We are trans-Denominational, meaning that all Jewish denominations can be a part of our movement.

JU was conceived to meet the needs of unaffiliated Jews and the Interfaith community. We embrace the reality of Jewish Interfaith Families with no restrictions, requirements or expectations. 

Unlike any other Jewish denomination, Jewish Universalists welcome everyone to fully participate in our Jewish worship and rituals.

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